YOUBO is the first community App in the history of encrypted digital currency. It aims to integrate the entire community's knowledge about the crypto-space and also provide the latest news to create an original global communication with direction in media. YOUBO is a combination of media from well-known sectors such as finance, digital currency, financial technology, Artificial Intelligence, news and media. In YOUBO, it is clear that every community member's personal opinion is clearly analysed and the plan for future development is to integrate the world's cryptocurrency news and media releases.

Advantages of The YOUBO App

Through theYOUBO App, we will gather people from different communities, cultures and thoughts to pursue a consistent consensus and also bring quality consultations to the overall community to diminish our distance with ongoing trends.

In addition, we also believe that high performers are found within the private sector, and the continuous improvement of blockchain is indispensable for the development of creativity.《Pioneer Zone》gathers groups of people with dreams and ideas to discuss the needs of the future and the new world, in order to achieve unique ideas together.

Our core thought is to usher community members into the latest in blockchain, to stand at the top as community members, and also to forge a community filled with people of faith and soul.


Within any field in the world, the word "community" cannot be separated from both the online or offline spaces.

The relationship between communities are cultivated from hobbyists as part of a consensus growth to form a belief in common hobbies.

To put it simply, a crypto-community is defined as a group of avid coin investors and miners whom build and expand their communities within a common field in order to learn, grow and study from one another. This is for the purpose of developing, accomplishing and achieving similar visions in consensus and belief.

The Importance of Community Members to A Crypto-World

The creation of Bitcoin marked the birth of the first cryptocurrency during the early days of blockchain. From 2010 until now, the value of Bitcoin has inflated so much that it is mainly managed and utilized by its community members to establish various technical application scenarios in relation to the development of technology. The creation of value and its promotion into the market are all energized by the community members of the Bitcoin market in order to build a strong consensus and also to create common beliefs.

What Are The Conditions For Successful Community Members?

By identifying with a subject matter, it would not be easy to give it up.

With regards to your preferred digital currency, it is absolutely important to learn, understand, support and promote everything about it.

Share any and all news, information and research about the digital currency.

Constantly learn from each other within the community, grow with each other, achieve mutual consensus, share consensus and garner more fans, thus allowing these fans to learn and contribute to the growth of the community.

The Disavantage
A Community Faces

As Blockchain is a development without borders, information or news may not be directed transmitted due to the lack in platform infrastructure, thus becoming a major pain point for modern community members. As a result of community members coming from different nationalities, there would naturally be differences in culture and the consensus for communication, acceptance and understanding will be different as well. Up to now, it is difficult to receive consistent information and news due to the current models being utilized, leading to the additional time required for community members to learn and achieve the best consensus.